The social media landscape is ever-changing. Figuring out how to maximize the value of your marketing spend can be a real challenge. As marketers consider how best to use the resources and platforms available, staying on top of upcoming trends is crucial. The following are five social media marketing trends to pay attention to for 2020

  1. Here Comes 5G

With the advent of the new communications technology of 5G, advances in user experience will be a part of the marketing goal as well. In particular, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) will start to make inroads into social media. We will see the user experience improved and more sophisticated interactions will be available to engage consumers. For example, an interactive AR storefront can function in an actual store to drive interest and engagement.

  1. Wellness

Recent concerns about social media addiction and the downside to hyper-connectivity have made their way into the social media conversation. Toxicity is a new watchword for consumers disenchanted with negative interactions on social media. Brands that include a wellness component will stay ahead of the potential downturn in engagement by encouraging real-life activities related to the brand and promoting healthy interactions into their brand message.

  1. Voice Search

“Hey Alexa, can you find me a good marketing campaign that takes voice search into account?” With the rise of voice search across platforms, marketing strategies will need to adapt to this mode of interacting with social media. This includes embracing video, with personalization options such as tailored FAQs and other consumer resources.

  1. Micro-Influencers

With the increasing noise about fake influencers and concerns about measuring ROI with mega influencers, marketing is going small with the help of micro-influencers who have 500-10,000 followers. These influencers have more engaged and enthusiastic followers, and it is easier to make targeted campaigns for influencers. So, instead of investing marketing in one mega-influencer, the key will be to locate the right groups of micro-influencers to focus on getting the branding message out.

  1. Social Shopping

Recently, social media platforms have introduced the ability to go from looking at a trending product right to buying with just a few clicks. Instagram has been at the forefront of this effort, and it has been quite popular. Ease of access will be increasingly in demand, with the trend spreading from larger companies to smaller sellers as well.

Looking into the new year, we will see a continued increase in marketing focus on social media. To learn more about how your business can get out ahead of these trends, contact sasse agency for a consultation.

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