Times are changing, we are all pivoting and transitioning to better serve our clients. These transitions include shifting your integrated marketing needs. Now more than ever, it is important that your company’s online presence is clear and effective at driving business and staying ahead of your competition. If you are looking to redefine your business’ online strategy, reach out for support. Recognize these important marketing capabilities since they are all integrated into redefining your overall marketing strategy.

Brand Identity.  Boost Your Brand.

When you build your brand, you are building a relationship with your clients. Your brand represents trustworthy individuals and consistent products and services. In order to build your consumer base, it is important to be clear about what you are selling, and to be visible to your target audience. To boost your brand create a brand identity that generates interest. From name and logo, to tagline and company mission, craft a stronger brand identity for yourfor business, organization or startup.

Strategic Marketing. Have A Plan.

My clients know my famous last words, “I love a plan”. Although we need to pivot, transition, adapt and modify at the moment… creating a short term plan with wiggle room is important.

As always, measurable goals and a realistic timeline, to customize your marketing plan to achieve results and continued client engagement is imperative. Explore your focus with B2B, B2C or both and discover what needs improvement or modifications. Then brainstorm a plan to create changes that better align with your business goals. An effective strategic marketing strategy includes Branding & Awareness, Thought Leadership, Engagement Solutions and Performance Marketing Solutions. A data-focused agency can support you to analyze results and work with you to drive results.

Content Marketing. Content Matters.

Content Marketing positions your company as an expert in its field, attracting your target audience and raising your visibility in your industry. By distributing valuable, relevant, reliable and consistent content, you will attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Content comes in many forms – web content, social media posts, email campaigns, images, etc. – and can serve as a resource to your clients on each platform. We create blogs, newsletters, social media content, email marketing campaigns and more that keep your brand and messaging at the core of your marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing. A Digital Footprint. 

With so much of business being conducted via the internet, it is important to ensure your company’s digital footprint is up to par! Having a unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan that will utilize keywords in our content development that will improve your rankings in Google searches. When customers search for your product or service online, you want to be amongst the top results!

Social Media. Let’s Get Social.

Social Media is all about connection. By creating a data-driven, creative social media plan to engage with current followers, attract new customers to your website, increase visibility in your industry, and differentiate you from your competitors. This also might be a time that you are pivoting your business (i.e. going digital) so let your “friends” know and have them help you increase your visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Website Design & Development.  Improve User Experience.

Approach this project as an opportunity to support new clients and be a resource to current customers (or more, depending on your goals). Organize your information efficiently from the start in the navigation bar. Add content that is relevant to enhancing your user experience. Remove outdated content and create new content that is relevant today. Balance graphic design with the functionality so your user experience is improved and your brand is well represented.

Need help? Conduct a website audit, review Google Analytics,  get organized and make recommendations.

From start to finish, sasse agency will support you with your marketing project. Make sure your support has an understanding of how these capabilities, all integrate with each other.

Whether you want to amp up your social media game, build your brand or redevelop your website, sasse agency can help you boost your business. 

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