For years, I have been setting up meetings to discuss, analyze and conduct tutorials on Google Analytics Reports. I am amazed by the inconsistencies in what we “assume” and what actually “is” (you know what happens when you assume).  For example, when we login to Google Analytics and see over 59% of users on mobile devices, what that tells us is we now need to rethink our strategy from a mobile device perspective. There are remarkable trends in purchasing behaviors with mobile devices and analyzing the data now will help us prepare for the changes.

Last month, I was inspired by the movie Hidden Figures where one of the characters would reiterate the fact “numbers don’t lie”. My son Justin, an engineering student, is also quick to remind me that everything, in some way, relates back to numbers. In reality, marketing is only as good as the measurable and trackable analytics that follow. This is fundamental to every marketing campaign that we plan, create and implement. Numbers give us information and help us tweak our promotional efforts, content marketing strategies and much more. Data driven analytics reveal number of visits to pages, what purchases were made and it impacts our measurable goals. A focus on user pathways, content marketing strategies and website conversions is pertinent information for all clients. On February 28, I will be conducting a workshop with my colleague Brian Loebig at the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce. Please join us as we present: Google Analytics Boot Camp

The workshop will be a quick overview on reporting and utilizing this information for tracking.

Here are some important points for discussion:

Website Mobile Friendly:

Is your site website mobile friendly? Keep in mind the most recent shift with Google’s mobile first index. For more info link here

Content Marketing Strategy on point:

Remember, what you are saying and asking (CTA) may need to be modified to elicit a different response or behavior.

Social Media Impact

Assess and evaluate if more traffic to your site translates to new or repeat business. Are you attracting the targeted audience intended?

Campaigns- FB Direct to Consumer (Google Ads)

If you are doing a campaign direct to consumer, are you attracting your targeted audience and making an impact on sales? Marketing campaigns can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Keyword Analysis Report

Make sure your keywords and SEO strategy are tracked and measured.

New vs. Returning Visitors

You need to assess if your website functions as a marketing tool, not only for new clients but supports the repeat business of your current clients as well.

The blend of SEO, Content Marketing and Mobile utilization is going to be essential to growth and sustainability for small businesses. Also, more attention to mobile use in your business will be imperative as the trends increase for these platforms.

Reaching your targeted audience depends on the following:

Optimizing traffic, increasing engagement, conversion and sales and, of course, analytics… they all matter! We hope to see you on February 28 for our Google Analytics Boot Camp!

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