Every third week of October, we celebrate National Business Women’s Week® (NBWW) to acknowledge the contributions and attributes of professional women. I always look forward to the opportunity to shout out to wonderful women entrepreneurs, influencers, mentors, collaborators and advocates that are doing such great work in their professions and communities.

I have been fortunate throughout my career to have such valuable relationships and know such amazing women doing inspiring work. I also have had the opportunity to conduct workshops and speak with organizations such as Empowered Women International, The Power Conference, and other community focused organizations. These opportunities inspire me to do better work and remind me of the social responsibility and importance of giving back and helping others.

Over the past few years, I created a coffee series designed to bring professionals together in small interactive groups and discuss trending marketing topics. Attendees come to learn brand strategy, social media marketing tips, website conversion and Google Analytics, Networking with other professionals keeps me connected to businesses in the area, better understanding their marketing needs and challenges in this dynamic and constantly changing field. For more info on upcoming coffee events click here.

Besides compassion in the work place, I have also learned over the years the importance of mentorship. As I started my career, I experienced this first hand.  My first boss, Christina “the Marvelous,” opened the door for me into a career of sales and marketing.  When I was promoted in the pharmaceutical industry, Valorie, another inspiring woman provided professional guidance and instilled in me strong work ethics which I still adhere to today. I often reflect on my career and the many women who made an impact and motivated me to be my personal best.

I continue to establish invaluable relationships with women each day. Currently, I have the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful women doing extraordinary work:  Presidents of global enterprises, CEO’s of companies, business owners, consultants, directors, colleagues and other professionals. Also, working in the DC Metropolitan area instills advocacy, change and philanthropy. I enjoy knowing and collaborating with so many executives, non-profits and volunteers that also do outstanding work in our communities.  Kudos to others like my sisters, Karen and Mimi, who are making a positive impact with their advocacy work helping others.

The other observation I have made over the years is that Moms are truly remarkable.  Some Moms when faced with unfortunate tragedy have overcome adversity and started initiatives to help others. Some Moms have had experiences that then generated positive changes.  At the moment, I am working with some exceptional Moms on projects that are awesome and will benefit many others. Congratulations to all these remarkable Moms.

I come from a generation of working Moms.  My own Mom, Rose Kress was a 2nd grade teacher and remains an educator.  My Grandmother, Sylvia Goldkind, who was a business owner and with her husband owned a shoe store downtown called New York Shoe Repair. She pioneered and paved the way for women business owners in Washington, DC.

Thank you to all the passionate women professionals -let’s continue to thrive and celebrate together National Business Women’s Week.

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