National Small Business Week is during the first week of May but is important all year long to support small businesses in our communities. Here’s how you can use this celebration to show appreciation to your favorite small businesses!

Let’s Go Social!

Spread the word about your favorite small businesses and why they are so amazing! Share the small business on your social media platforms and encourage your audience to support them. You can share the business page on your stories or your posts, tag your friends in posts about the business or simply give them a shoutout. Positive word of mouth is very beneficial for small businesses, it helps them reach potential customers, raise awareness of their products and services, and build brand reputation. By posting and sharing local businesses on your own social channels-  you increase visibility and brand awareness for other businesses.

Let’s Go Local!

Craving pizza? Order it from one of your local, neighborhood pizzerias. Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Order it from a local gift shop! Need some groceries? Maybe a local market or farmer’s market might be in your neighborhood. Nextdoor is a great resource to find local businesses to support. By supporting local businesses in your neighborhood – we can make a difference.


Let’s Go Creative!

Show your appreciation to the small business by purchasing gift cards. You can do this for family or corporate gift giving. This may help drive traffic into the business and support new business as well as boost spending. 


Let’s Go Reviews!

Reviews are extremely beneficial to small businesses and their growth. Positive reviews help businesses gain credibility and impact purchase decisions. Share your positive feedback and experience- don’t forget to make it authentic. There are many platforms, such as Google Business Profile, Yelp,  Social Channels and/or place a testimonial on their website. This will help prospective customers get a better idea of what the business is about as well as build trust to do business with them.

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