One thing that everyone can agree on: the world is craving content. After being in lockdown (and returning to it in some places) your clients have exhausted their Netflix queue and discovered the joys of Tik Tok. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect them with your company and the ways you can support them, now and in the future.

What is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content is what you are sharing with your clients. This can include blog posts, advertisements, email campaigns, social media posts, images, etc. The goal is to demonstrate your expertise in your field and show your clients that you can offer them interesting, relevant, helpful insights. The key is to decide how best to demonstrate your company’s point of view and personality through channels where you know your clients are paying attention.

Creating Your Plan

Where do your clients come from? And where do you want them to come from? Your content plan will help to connect new clients and old with who your company is and how you can help them. Clients discover you via your website, but they can also find you via social media posts, a post from an industry magazine or blog, or even via their friends. Think about what you want to share and how to adapt it to different platforms.

What to Post

The key to developing your content is thinking about what your clients want to know, and how you can share that with them. Help them get to know your company and the solutions you provide. Give them an inside look at the way you collaborate, especially working as a remote team. Are there trends or breaking news about your industry? Share your thoughts to help you demonstrate your expertise to your clients.

Social Media Content

Social media is a powerful tool to stay in touch with your clients. Know what social channels they follow and plan accordingly. Craft content specific to each channel so that your clients know they will get different insights from you on Twitter versus on LinkedIn.

Say It in an Email

If a client is subscribed to your email updates, you know you have their attention. The messages that land in their inbox are an ideal opportunity to share relevant news about your company and new opportunities for you to help them achieve their goals. Keep your email content concise and to the point.

Remember Your Website

We all love social media and that great feeling of a post getting noticed and shared in your network. But don’t forget that your website content is some of the most important information for bringing new clients to your business. Reviewing and updating your website content is an important part of your content strategy. Building website reviews into your content marketing plan mean you can help ensure that your website is helping your search engine rankings and bringing new clients your way.

With a clear and effective content marketing plan, you can establish your company as an expert in your industry, create stronger relationships with your clients, and even have some fun sharing your ideas with your network.

From developing an overall plan to channel-specific content strategy, sasse agency can help you find your voice. Let’s chat content.

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