Hands holding a cell phone; the screen shows "Lead Generation." Computer, cup of coffee, and plant on a desk.Lead Gen tools can be so costly but can we try an organic approach to Lead Gen for small to medium size businesses? Marketing is the “art” of promoting your business and building recognition and confidence in your brand. Here are some thoughts and considerations for Marketing and Lead Gen on a budget.

Higher Visibility Online

To start, having a higher visibility online so customers can find you is extremely important. It is key that your business can be searched and found! Google My Business is an important tool to ensure that your company can be found. Of course, other considerations for SEO strategy is keyword research, meta data analysis and AdWords, if your budget permits.  Also, your website is your online store front, so of course, driving traffic to your website and having your website function as a marketing tool is imperative.

Having Landing Pages with a strong CTA (call to action) or even giving valuable information in exchange for an email can help build a database. It is important to track conversions via Google Analytics and measure results, including to determine if your content marketing strategy is working. This is truly a blog topic of its own.

Social Media 

Other online strategies to support brand awareness is social media marketing. However, social media forums now have their own tools to promote brand awareness and Lead Gen. Facebook has direct to consumer ads, boosts for high performing posts to get better reach and Facebook Live to be authentic and connect with your audience. Insights (FB analytics) helps analyze and guide your campaigns to improve engagement. There are also Lead Ads that are being used for B2B.

Twitter now has its own ad platform, but if you focus on “newsworthy” content you will have a greater impact on engagement without the need to invest.

LinkedIn is a B2B platform that connects businesses and is a powerful lead generating tool.  Just recently, LinkedIn ProFinder was introduced. This “lead gen” tool to help hire top local freelancers is having great results. Your profile can be submitted to service categories and once approved you are set up to receive proposals. To learn more about LinkedIn ProFinder, join our workshop. I am teaming up with Brian Loebig and the The Bethesda Chamber of Commerce on July 18 for Coffee & LinkedIn ProFinder- for more info click here. 


Let’s not forget that getting out of the office and connecting with professionals is still valuable for lead gen.  Shout out to Susan I. Wranik, MS, MA, CCC-SLP, who reminds us (courtesy George Fraser, author of CLICK) that  “people do business with people they know, like, and trust “.  We are fortunate in the DMV to have so many valuable community forums, professional organizations, and opportunities to connect with other professionals.


Referral Building

Connect and build strategic partnerships with other community businesses.


Speaking Engagements/PR

Come out of your comfort zone and take on some leadership positions in your field.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and agree to be on a radio show, TV show or panel of experts within your field.


Take the lead, try social marketing, networking, creating relationships/partnerships that matter and come out of your comfort zone to differentiate yourself professionally.

Live - cell phone illustrationHands on keyboard and mouse, computer screen says "Let's get SOCIAL." At a table with papers, pens, pencils, glasses, cup of coffee, and plant.