As we try to navigate through a toxic political climate, we all have our own perspectives and takeaways from the recent presidential election. For me, the election results took me back to my collegiate major with a professor emphasizing message + audience = achieving goal.

So, I can’t help but analyze what transpired during the election cycle as Marketing 101. Clearly, marketing was the driving force for Trump’s success in the election and when interviewed he mentioned the use of social media’s value as a form of communication to support his “win.”

The Trump team identified a target market (for example, the undecided voters), built a message that would change their behavior and achieved his goal by winning their votes. It’s really that simple.

A strong message with an effective content marketing strategy along with a compelling brand story is the fuel that drives your marketing campaign forward.

Please do not misinterpret the “message” of my blog regarding the Trump campaign. These comments are solely to emphasize the importance of setting goals, creating marketing messages, identifying your target markets, communicating effectively and attaining your goals. This is important in your social media campaigns and engagement. Also relevant in your content marketing strategy for website and increasing conversion. And let’s not forget your e-marketing strategy with a strong call to action for clients and prospective business.  As mentioned in my previous blog, Buzz, Blast & Blog, are 3 important and powerful tools which make up the integrated and strategic marketing plan for your business.

Another observation during the election cycle was the campaign’s ability to attract media coverage, leverage television,  social media push out a message and promote engagement. It was continuous coverage. We tend to shy away from PR opportunities and media pitches and as a result miss opportunities. PR, speaking engagements, conducting workshops, live FB streams are great venues to share information and communicate your expertise. Note, the more opportunities you have to communicate your message, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

A word of caution, you can’t just create your plan and then expect success. Implementation will be important. So get organized and create a strategic plan for achieving your goals. Another set of three’s worth mentioning, the three P’s: patience, persistence and perseverance. If your messaging doesn’t immediately go viral, don’t toss your marketing plan. It takes time and effort to see your plans come to fruition.

As you prepare for the 2017 business year, create a strategic marketing plan to promote services/products to your current clients and attract new clients to grow your business. To jumpstart you on this important task, I invite you to join me for an upcoming workshop, Integrate What Matters, where I’ll help you create a customized marketing strategy for your business. To learn more, click here.