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Social Media- Let's get social in June!

Date: Tuesday, May 2nd
Time: 8:45am - 10:00am
Place: 4800 Hampden Lane Suite 200 Bethesda MD

Let’s Get Social for June!

We are half way through 2017- have you planned your social calendar for June? Come to our planning strategy session and get ideas for your upcoming June email communications, blog theme and social calendar.


  • Themes for June content and promotional ideas
  • Integrating Email communications, Blogs and Social Media Content to have a greater impact and engagement
  • Let’s get live-Facebook Live Tips
  • Planning for summer campaigns
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Building An Integrated Marketing Plan

Date: Tuesday, April 25th
Time: 9:30am - 7:00pm

Thank you to EWI  for the great work and inviting me to conduct a workshop for your Grow My Business Program!

See you soon.

    The WISER group has had the pleasure of Julie Schumacher's inspiring and energizing expertise on not one but two occasions.  We have learned so much about how to market our expertise from a professional who not only understands our various businesses but also our targeted clients.  Julie is so engaging and articulate.  She utilizes interactive techniques that draw in the most reticent participant; we all walk away with immediately usable tools and the confidence that we can use them successfully.  Julie empowers her audience.  Her passion for marketing and her talent for providing accessible information inspires us all to take our organizations to the next level.  Do you yourself and your group a huge favor - invite Julie to speak and watch your event numbers grow and your participants positive feedback reach new  heights.

    Victoria Geis, Board Member, Washington Independent Services for Educational Resources (WISER)
    The sasse agency did a great job with creating and nailing my tagline for "My Active Senior" logo. And their call to action slogan for our brand was genius!

    Nekia Williams, Founder, My Active Senior
    I won one hour of a marketing consultation with Julie. Wow, was I surprised at how much information she gave us in just one hour! We learned about improving our web site, setting goals, using a social media calendar, defining professional target lists, and more. Julie is so full of energy and clearly loves to help small businesses grow. I can't wait to implement her excellent suggestions!

    Cheryl Gedzelman, Owner, Tutoring for Success
    Every business struggles with social media marketing, but Julie Schumacher and Sasse Agency turn that challenge into a positive force. Julie’s clients go from “can’t do” to “can do and want to.” If social media for your business makes you fearful and confused, you need Julie’s talent.

    Janet Chiu, Founder, CyberTurf Strategic Media

Let’s get social…

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