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As a football fan and marketing professional, it is always exciting to watch the Super Bowl and, of course, the commercials. The hype surrounding the commercials, the branding, messaging, and how the public responds, is always fascinating to me. In today’s marketplace, a brand is transparent and the audience has an impact on brand awareness and perception. Brands like those we saw Sunday can really inspire us. Did the Budweiser commercial featuring Helen Mirren, make you never want to even think about alcohol while driving?

So inspired by all the brand hype, it seemed the right time to introduce the “rebrand” of sasse agency. sasse agency will integrate what matters and transition to a more brand driven, marketing focused and goal-oriented agency.I just defined sasse but what does it really mean to define your brand? You need to really start with your services and products that your business offers. Do you provide a unique service or product to a niche market and if so, is this clear to you and your target market? Do you effectively communicate this to your current and prospective clients? Does your communication attract your clientele? Your brand is your DNA (character/identity) – it promotes your business, differentiates you among the competition, connects you to your current clientele and attracts prospective clientele.

Let me address identity for a moment. As individuals we have values and beliefs that shape us and create our identity. Our personality, values and character impact our decision-making process and behavior. Your business has a core value system as well. Leadership, employees and clients shape the identity of your business. Today, so many forums and tools exist to connect and communicate. So how do you effectively communicate your brand message? The answer is Content Marketing. Content Marketing gives businesses the opportunity to provide knowledge and information to potential influencers and clients. By educating and sharing valuable information to your clients, this strategy increases awareness and creates a strong brand. The Mirren commercial not only educated the audience that drinking and driving was socially unacceptable, but it promoted the brand at the same time, however subtlety.

Content marketing offers knowledge and information to your potential influencers and clients. Education rather than promotion enhances your reputation, relevance and visibility. Content marketing relies solely on winning clients by sharing something valuable and shareable. It is indeed a great strategy to build a brand. Let us capture your corporate spirit and support promotion of your products or services. As leaders in small business marketing, brand development and positioning, we are committed to help differentiate you from your competition. We build strong, authentic brands that attract new clients and help grow your business. Our marketing plans and creative strategies promote growth and sustainability for our clients.

Let’s get working…